Services for Families Affected by Murder

Burial Services


  Often times when a loved one dies it is unexpected and not a planned expense.  It can also be a very emotional time and helpful to have someone with you when planning the details. Let us put you in touch with a member of our bereavement team.  

Cremation Services


  While family and religious traditions are still very important to people, some families prefer to celebrate the individual in a unique and personal way. Cremation is an opportunity for the loved ones to create a complete one of a kind memorial. Let us put you in touch with a member of our bereavement team.    

Candlelight Vigil


 To celebrate the life of the loved one being honored, a candlelight vigil is a respectful opportunity for the community to come together to mourn for a common cause. Let us help you plan this event, offer our emotional support, and supply the items needed at no cost to you.    

Celebration of Life


  The Celebration of life puts the focus on the joy that a person brought to other peoples lives. It's a time for everyone to get together and share memories, laugh, and celebrate the life of their loved one. Let us know how our creativity can be of service to you.  We can also offer financial assistance with this event.  

Family Meals


   During a time of loss you are emotional and experiencing grief.  We would be happy to feed your family during this difficult time.    

Emotional Support


 Let us be there for you during your time of loss, it is important to have others around you who offer you their emotional support.    

Services Continued

Grief Counseling


  If you are in need of grief counseling, we can give you a list of grief counseling services in your area.  This can be very helpful in processing the many feelings and emotions you will face.  Let us cover the expense of your first session.  

Tree of Life


  A tree planted in your loved one's memory is a living tribute that will benefit present and future generations to come.  We will supply you with the tree of your choice.



    Attending the trial in support of your loved one can be overwhelming.  Let us be part of your support system.  We can refer you to obtain advocacy services.  

Comfort Bears


 Let us make you a teddy bear made from your loved ones clothing.  You supply a piece of your loved ones clothing and we will turn it in to a bear that will offer you comfort many years to come. 

The Memorial Blanket


We take pride in making these plush  poly-microfiber fleece blankets customized with photos of your loved one.   50x60 in size, they are sure to bring you comfort.

Year Round Care


Let us maintain the curbside Memorial of your loved one. Updated on all major holidays and birthday. 

Murders in Jacksonville

Additional Information

Murder is described as "the unlawful killing of another person." That is opposed to homicides that include justifiable, excusable, and accidental killings.  With 128 murders reported by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in 2019, it was the most violent of the last 3 years.  

 Year    Total Killings          Murders      Homicides    

2017         138                               116                    22

2018         125                               109                   16        

2019         155                               128                   21 

2020         18                                  15                  00    (3 pending classification)

Anyone with information in any crime can contact the Sheriff’s Office at  (904) 630-0500 or leave an anonymous tip and be eligible for a possible  reward with First Coast Crime Stoppers by calling (866) 845-8477  (TIPS). 

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